Microsoft Office offers a remote installation feature that allows multiple people to use Office 365. All the users get connected to the Windower server device remotely. If your device is compatible with Office 65 ProPlus then you can easily install and use it. The ProPlus subscription of Office allows the user to access the MS Office tools from 5 different devices. 

System Requirements to install Office 365 ProPlus

  1. Supported terminal service
  2. Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2016 (and newer)
  3. Configured terminal server
  4. MS Office 365 ProPlus key
  5. Stable internet connection
  6. Office deployment tool

If your system is specified with all these features then you can easily install the Office 365 ProPlus on the system.  

Installing MS Office 365 on RDS server

You have to install the Office setup on your system and then configure it as a remote desktop session host server. It will allow other users to access it remotely. The users can run all MS tools like Word, PowerPoint at the same time. 

  1. Install the Windows service and configure it
  2. Install the remote desktop session host role service and configure it on the device
  3. Go to the Office customization tool and use it to create the configuration file
  4. You have to check the licensing and activation section and shared computer box

Now export the resulting configuration file and then immediately save it. Go to the Office deployment tool and configuration tool for installing the Office app on your RDS session host server. Now the other users can connect their system to the RD session host server to use the Office 365 tools. They can connect their system to a server with a remote desktop connection on Windows or can use the remote desktop clients.

Installing MS Office 365 apps on a shared virtual machine

After the server, now you have to install the Office as the client operating system. After this, you can use the Hyper-V and RDS to create groups of virtual machines. You can share these virtual machines among multiple users. 

  1. Deploy your Office 365 app as the OS image
  2. Ensure that your configuration.xml is in the enable shared computer activation
  3. Make a few RDS changes on your virtual machine like enabling the remote desktop
  4. You have to install the Windows server and then configure it

Install and configure the RDS on your system. Now you can easily connect to any virtual device and run all the MS Office 365 tools. 

Error in accessing MS Office 365 tools

After completing the MS Office remote configuration, many users reported that they are unable to access the tools. The error can appear due to configuration or program files issues. You have to inspect the error and then fix it.

Reasons behind MS Office 365 configuration error

  1. Error in Office remote configuration
  2. Office tools can’t find the path
  3. Malware is interrupting the program
  4. Bootstrapper is not working
  5. Another program is interrupting MS Office tools

Troubleshooting MS Office remove configuration error

Remove all junk file

Whenever you face issues while accessing any tool remotely, check for the junk files. System junk files often create issues in accessing the tools remotely. You should instantly remove all the junk from the remote device. Open the computer and remove all the temp files. Now go to the PC drives and search for junk. In case you don’t fund those files manually then use the Windows cleanout tool. Run cleanmgr on the device and this tool will list out all the unnecessary files. Choose the files to remove from the system. After cleaning the remove system, retry to access the Office tools.

Check the MS bootstrapper

Office tools won’t work if the bootstrapper is not working. Go to the system and check the MS setup bootstrapper. If is disabled then enable it manually. Once the bootstrapper is running, go to the remote device and access the Office tools. 

Update your device

When the system is not updated; many tools stop working. Open the system and check for the new OS update. Install the update on your device to fix the error. Always keep the system in auto-update feature. Whenever the update for your system is available, it will immediately get installed on the device.

Restart the device to apply the update and not try to use the Office tools. If the user is still facing an error in using the tools then he should reinstall the Office on his device. Configure the Office setup carefully and not add the remote devices. 

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